I’ve known and worked with Anne for many years both as a professional advisor to a charity (Playplus, now called PLUS) of which she was the Director and as a colleague working on joint projects between that charity and Stirling Council. After Anne left Playplus to work on a freelance basis, we remained in close contact and Anne developed and delivered substantial playwork and childcare professional development vocational and degree level qualifications for Stirling Council.

Anne has an unusual depth and breadth of experience and theoretical knowledge in the often overlapping fields of childcare, play and disability. She is an accomplished trainer as well as practitioner and has personal qualities of warmth, empathy , humour and total reliability.

Sue Gutteridge

Manager of Stirling Council’s Play Services until 2007;

consultant until 2015

Anne was a founder member of Play First Scotland with myself and two others. We set up this co op to promote and support workers in turning play theory in to practice. Anne brought to the team 20 + years of experience in social work, training and special needs as well as wide range of knowledge and experience in play. Anne can turn her theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in to fun and engaging training sessions and presentations/keynote speeches geared up to the needs of the participants. Bespoke training is one of her specialities and she will bring a dynamism and understanding of the needs of the participants to any session be it tailored or off the peg.


Anne-Marie Mackin

Chair, Play First (Scotland) Ltd. April 2016

Myself and my colleague attended an autism awareness course with Anne. It was very informative and enabled us to reflect on our current practice and see how we can improve in ways that we hadn’t thought about. Anne provided an interesting insight which worked well with our existing training.

TOPCATS and Anne have been working together to improve our play space for our Afternoon Club. Anne is flexible, knowledgeable and approachable and has been a great resource for the charity. Anne helped introduce sensory boxes and expand our knowledge on loose part play which in turn helped us in our planning for all of our programmes.
Grace Harvey-Kent (BA hons, ICS DIP)
Service Manager, TOPCATS

As a result of attending Annes Leadership course I have managed to restructure my management team so that I know who I'm looking for and more importantly what skills they need. 

We also organised our needs and came up with an achievable action plan.

We have now moved our office which has been transferred into a training room and look forward to delivering training courses and qualifications in partnership with Anne.

Nicola Cannon


Melton Day Nursery