Playing With The Seasons

Last week , I started planning for my workshop on nature play . I wished I'd started collecting resources earlier in the autumn when the countryside is abundant with falling leaves , fruit and berries . And so I took myself off for a walk to the beach and discovered an abundance of oyster shells that I'd never really noticed before .  I love my walks in Walberswick . The beach has hardly changed since I was a child and yet each time I go the light sand and waves never quite look the same 

A few years ago my friend persuaded me to go on holiday in the first week of January . She had found a bargain holiday in the sun on an island in Cape Verde . I was living in Scotland at the time and the weather was so stormy and windy  that day that the roads were all blocked and we had to wait for someone to saw up the tree that had fallen in the road . We eventually arrived and I found the whole experience  disconcerting. A rather barren island with the remnants of a new year party and Christmas lights on the beach in the sun . Apparently the island was so close to the equator it had no seasons .  As a child I was brought up on a farm where dads work , the food we ate and our natural  play resources in the woods and fields , all changed according to the seasons.  I believe resources in the indoor play environment should where possible reflect the seasons and this is one of the core themes of my workshop . So I'm going down to the woods in the morning to collect some more resources . I hope to be sure of a good surprise . 

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