This workshop will provide a framework and guidance to both managers and practitioners in an early years or childcare setting. The materials encourage reflection and focus on the importance of developing good communication skills as well as situational and democratic leadership styles. The materials are designed to be presented by managers to their teams for discussion and reflection.


This pack contains;

6 x Powerpoint presentations on the topics below

6 x Videos to accompany the presentations

1 x Printable Reflection sheet for students

Topics include;


An Introduction to Supervision 
In this section you are encouraged to look at what we mean by supervision. How does this differ from appraisal and induction?


Managing the Supervision Session and Giving Feedback
In this section you are examining the components of the session, including how to give feedback and encourage reflection. What do you do after the session with the issues arising?


Communication and Active Listening
In this section we discuss the skills that you need to be an active listener to get the most out of your supervision session


Supporting New and Inexperienced Team Members
Understanding the support needed for new team members is important. The role of the room manager is key to this.


Records and Forms
In this section we look at the range of roles within your team and how you can provide effective monitoring of the differing areas of responsibility 


Review and Planning for Change
Reflection and action planning are important. What are you doing well? Do you delegate and support room managers? How effective are your communication skills and supervision systems?

Developing Procedures for Support & Supervision


These files are for the use of the buyer only and should not be shared with other organisations or edited/altered in any way.