This is an introductory workshop to help practitioners understand the importance of In the Moment Planning and how to make changes to develop best practice.
The materials are designed to be presented by managers to their teams for discussion and reflection. 


This pack contains;

4 x Powerpoint presentations on the topics below

4 x Videos to accompany the presentations

1 x Printable Reflection sheet for students

Topics include;


Provocations Defined
In this section you are encouraged to look at what we mean by provocations, the subtle changes in planning that are required and new ways of presenting materials and resources.


The Enabling Environment
In this section you are examining the rationale for planning your play spaces and inspiring children’s play and curiosity, the different tools and storage that you may provide, the range of materials and loose parts, the range of spaces and environments that you can provide.


Adult Intervention
Understanding Intervention styles is key to the success of In the Moment Planning and is often not clearly understood. This section gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own intervention style and consider the different and varied responses to the children’s play. You should ask when, how and why should I intervene? When should I observe and what are teachable moments?


Examples of Best Practice
In this section there are a few examples of best practice to consider and review. Compare and contrast to your own experiences through discussion


Review and Planning for Change
Reflection and discussion are important. What are you already doing well? How does this impact on your planning? What challenges may this present? How can you overcome these? Create a development plan for change and review the progress at intervals.  

Developing Free Play and In the Moment Planning


These files are for the use of the buyer only and should not be shared with other organisations or edited/altered in any way.