Tailored Packages

Managing a business can be very rewarding, however managers can often be quite isolated or rely heavily on family and friends for support.

Anne provides a range of support to business managers and sole traders, offers a range of flexible packages to suit the individual needs of the manager. The frequency of meetings and costs are dependent on the package that you choose. A free half hour consultation and training needs analysis is available.

Annual Review and Support Package
Fee £100 

This package will enable the manager to review and evaluate achievements and challenges over the last year and set new smart objectives for the following year. The minimum time would be three hours.

Monthly and Quarterly Support Package 
Fee £25.00 per hour plus travel costs

This will enable the manager to receive monthly support and set short term objectives. The minimum time would be one hour.

Tools and systems will be provided to support the process

The following topics will be offered in the review process
  • Communication systems

  • Situational Leadership

  • Management Systems

  • Managing Stress 

  • Time Management and Delegation

  • Planning and Setting Smart Targets

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Balancing Home and Work Life 

  • Review and evaluate achievements and challenges