2019 Training Workshops

Half day or evening

£35 per person, minimum five people

Growing your business 

Are you thinking of expanding your business? Is it naturally gathering momentum with no focussed plan for development? Take some time out to review the growth and development of your business?


Topics include 

  • The challenges and changes of growing from small to medium

  • Reviewing Human Resources

  • Funding and Cash Flow

  • Risk Taking

  • Time management

Planning and Reviewing


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your workload ? Have you ever got to the end of the week and felt exasperated by the fact you’ve worked so hard and still didn’t manage to get all the jobs done ? Do you ever spend all weekend thinking about it and not recharging your batteries ?

I will give a presentation offering you tools tips and advice to help you re organise your to do list and your mindset so that you can make realistic and achievable timescales .

After that we will have a relaxed discussion and share our ideas and reflections over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. You will leave with an attendance certificate, a three point action plan and a positive mindset to destress yourself.

Topics include

  • Challenges and Opportunities

  • Long Term Goals

  • Short Term Objectives

  • Managing Change    

Developing Systems for Supporting and Supervising Staff 

Topics will include:

  • Situational Leadership Styles

  • Systems including Team Meetings, Supervision and Discipline Procedures 

Developing Communication Skills

Topics will include:​

  • Being Assertive and Managing Conflict

  • Electronic Systems

  • Policies and Procedures

Online resources

All learners attending courses and workshops are given access to online and interactive training materials for three months.

Flexible delivery & consultancy

Training packages and bespoke courses and workshops can also be delivered to suit the specific needs of the sector or organisation.

Professional Development

All learners will receive a certificate of attendance and will complete an action plan for implementing change and development.