About Anne

Background and Experience

Anne Emerson-Smith is the company director of Anne Emerson-Smith and is responsible for development and day to coordination and management of the service including all quality assurance, systems management and tutor support

She has developed and managed four training centre's including further and higher education.

Anne has worked in partnership with a range of educational services and local councils to identify local needs and where possible provide flexible and affordable training to meet the needs of the differing sectors.  


Anne Emerson-Smith has a background in providing a wide range of Training and Consultancy services for over 25 years.


Anne has a broad background including teaching, social work, management training in the voluntary sector, childcare  training and  teaching management and leadership at degree level.

Anne worked with the Scottish Qualifications Authority as an External qualification officer supporting and monitoring a range of training centres and colleges across Scotland before returning to live and work in Suffolk. She is currently delivering a range of qualifications and short courses in East Suffolk